Event Calender

July 31st-August 6th, Moscow (RU): Preparing Global Leaders Summit, international educational program for the best young professionals. read more

May 16th-18th, Amsterdam (NL): CEDAR leadership forum on Entrepreneurship, Opportunity and Inspiration. CEDAR is a European network of Diaspora professionals aiming to build economic bridges between Europe, North-Africa, the Middle-East and Turkey. Read more

EU-South Africa summit 2010: A.Motshekga, j.Zuma, H. Van Rompuy, A.Vassiliou and M.Barroso

EU-South Africa summit 2010: A.Motshekga, j.Zuma, H. Van Rompuy, A.Vassiliou and M.Barroso

May 12th-14th 2014, Stockholm (SE): Civil Society Program of the Global Forum on Migration and Development. Read more

April 16th, Den Haag (NL): The Humanity House presents two short films on socio-economic recovery in South-Sudan and Uganda, followed by a debate. Read more

April 4th, Rotterdam (NL): Kwibuka20 Conference in commemoration of the Rwanda Genocide. Jointly organized by ISS, the Rwandan embassy in the Netherlands and the Africa Studies Centre. Read more

April 2nd-3rd, Brussels (BE): Fourth EU-Africa Summit. Themes: Investing in People, Prosperity and Peace. read more

March 26th, Rotterdam (NL): Lecture on Migration and Development perspectives of the Philippines at ISS. Welcome and Introduction by ADPC Board member Mohamed Salih. Read More

March 20th 2014, Brussels (BE): Diaspora Consultation Meeting hosted by the African Diaspora Policy Centre (ADPC) in cooperation with Intelligence in Science (ISC) and the Irish International Diaspora Centre Trust. Read more

March 9th-June 1st 2014, Den Haag (NL): ADPC’s communication team warmly recommends a visit to the expo: The Good Cause, Towards an Architecture of peace. The central theme is architecture’s contribution to the construction of sustainable peace. The expo features e.g a video-interview with ADPC Board Member Gerd Junne. read more

Screenshot from Lumumba, a morte do profeta, docu van Raoul Peck uit 1990

Screenshot from Lumumba, a morte do profeta, docu van Raoul Peck uit 1990

March 8th, Amsterdam (NL): Lecture about post-colonial Congo by Paul Mbikayi. Hosted by Vlaams Cultuurhuis Brakke Grond. Read more

March 4th, Den Haag (NL): Informatiebijeenkomst over Nieuw Beleidskader voor Maatschappelijk Middenveld. Hosted by Buitenlandse Zaken (Foreign Affairs) Read more





World Migration ReportDecember 3rd 2013, WORLD MIGRATION REPORT PRESENTATION

The presentation was organized by The International Organization of Migration and held at the The Hague Institute. ADPC was invited to comment on the report in a panel.





The African Diaspora Policy Centre, in partnership with the African Institute for Economic Planning (IDEP), organized a training workshop for African policymakers serving at the newly formed Diaspora-oriented Ministries in Africa. The training workshop was held at the IDEP Centre in Dakar from october 21st-25th.

Capacity Building Training The objective of the training course is to ensure that trainees gain access to up-to-date information that is tailored to their specific policy-making needs, and to acquire technical capabilities to draft a national migration policy which can be translated into feasible strategic interventions.

The course will respond to needs articulated by African governments and departments for a skilled mid-level and senior staff that is equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to design and implement migration policies that includes the Diaspora as recognized and valuable stakeholders.

ADPC has gained experience in developing and providing trainings for many African countries. The capacity building trainings of 2010 and 2011 have been a great success. For the 2013 training, 12 governmental officials of the following six countries will be selected: Cape Verde, Chad, Ivory Coast, Namibia, South Sudan, and Tanzania. read more