About ADPC

The African Diaspora Policy Centre (ADPC) is a leading African diaspora think tank in Europe in the field of migration and development. It is particularly devoted to the study of the nexus between migration and development related issues from the perspective of the diaspora.

The centre compiles, analyses and disseminates information and insights on a number of critical areas, including migration and development, peace-building, governance and brain gain. It is also at the forefront of generating knowledge and information primarily targeted at three groups: African Diaspora organizations in Europe, development practitioners and policymakers dealing with diaspora related issues, both in Africa and in Europe.

Furthermore, the ADPC is committed to stimulating informed policy dialogue and constructive debates between the diaspora and other stakeholders in the field of migration and development.

The ADPC is a unique African diaspora institution set up by the diaspora. It is established to spur and galvanize the contribution of African diaspora to the development of the continent in a more structured, sustainable and systematic manner. The centre is dedicated to empowering African diaspora as change agents for the development of Africa. It also  advocates and contributes to policy and practical changes conducive to their effective participation in the overall development of Africa.

The work of the centre is dedicated to supporting and mobilising the African diaspora in Europe to pool their resources (capital, knowledge and networks) for the development benefits of Africa. It is also devoted to accelerating the development in Africa by facilitating the building of viable development bridges between African diaspora communities in Europe and their home countries on the continent in a more structured and systematic manner.

The ADPC achieves its goals by conducting evidence-based policy relevant research; providing capacity building and training workshops; organizing expert meetings and conferences; facilitating contacts and networking relations; disseminating information through publications; and offering consultancy and information services.