Dear visitor, we present a revised list of all publications produced by ADPC and/or external organizations for the period 2010-2017. For a publication list of previous years (2005-2009) click here.

Title Type Year
Leveraging the African Diaspora For Development Research report 2017
The Link between Migration and Trade – Policy Implications for Africa Research report 2017
Report reflection meeting April 2017 Workshop report 2017
The Potential of Diaspora Advocacy and Lobbying Research Report 2017
Diaspora Building Peace Research Report 2017
Peacebuilding Workshop Report October 2016 Workshop Report 2016
Peacebuilding Participant Profile October 2016 Participant Profile 2016
A&L Participant Profile April 2016 Participant Profile 2016
Advocacy & Lobby April 2016 Workshop Report 2016
Capacity Building Training for Diaspora-oriented Somali Officials Report Workshop Report 2016
Consultation Meeting Report Workshop Report 2016
IGAD Consultation Meeting Press Release 2016
Advocacy & Lobby October 2015 Workshop Report 2016
Peacebuilding Training September 2015 Workshop Report 2016
Booklet Peacebuilding Training Booklet 2016
Strengthening Peace Initiatives of Migrants in The Hague Concept Note 2016
A&L Training Participant Profile Oct 2015 Participant Profile 2015
Peacebuilding Participant Profile Sept 2015 Participant Profile 2015
A&L Training Participant Profile Apr 2015 Participant Profile 2015
Diaspora Conference in the Great Lakes Region Conference Report 2015
Promoting Free Movement of People in SADC Research Report 2015
Diaspora Technical Expert Working Group Article 2015
Newsletter 2015 overview Newsletter 2015
“Glocal” Partnerships for Agribusiness Development September 2015 Workshop Report 2015
Declaration on the Un Climate Change Conference in Paris (English) Declaration 2015
Declaration des Organisations de la Diaspora Africaine pour le Developpement (French) Declaration 2015
Climate change: Migration and Development (English) Press Release 2015
Changement climatique: Migrations et Développement (French) Press Release 2015
ADEPT Briefing: Africa-Europe Cooperation Oct 2015 External Publication 2015
Newsletter Summer 2015 Newsletter 2015
Advocacy and Lobby Training April 2015 Workshop Report 2015
Newsletter 01 2015 Newsletter 2015
Annual Report Annual Report 2014
Migration and Development in the Southern Africa Development Community Region Research Brief 2014
Capacity Building Training Nov 2014 Workshop Report 2014
E-Learning Programme on Migration and Development participant profile Report 2014
Is what we hear about migration really true? Questioning eight stereotypes External Publication 2014
Rethinking entrepreneurship in fragile states Paper 2014
The Remittances market in the Netherlands External Publication 2014
Climate change development and migration:an African Diaspora perspective Discussion Paper 2014
Final Report of Africa-EU Lunch time seminar Report 2014
(Com)motie Zuidelijk penvoerderschap: enthousiasme onder migrantenorganisaties External Publication 2014
Social Issues: African Diaspora Article 2014
Newsletter 02 2013 Newsletter 2014
Diaspora-oriented Peacebuilding Training Report 2014
The Good Practice Note Report 2014
Migration Entrepreneurship and Development Report 2014
Sierra Leone Ambassador’s Tour in the Netherlands Article 2014
Diaspora Declaration on JAES Declaration 2014
Flyer Capacity Building Programme (English) Flyer 2013
Flyer Capacity Building Programme (French) Flyer 2013
Capacity building training Oct 2013 (English) Workshop Report 2013
Capacity building training Oct 2013 (French) Workshop Report 2013
Background SEDIMA Programme PowerPoint Presentation 2013
Newsletter 01 2013 Newsletter 2013
Linking local actors in migration and development Research Report 2013
Diaspora Engagement-missions to Angola-Cameroon-Ethiopia-Morocco and Senegal (English) E-policybrief 9 2013
Engagement de la Diaspora-missions en Angola-Cameroun-Éthiopie-Maroc et Senegal (French) E-policybrief 9 2013
Gender and Migration E-policybrief 8 2013
Genre et Migration E-policybrief 8 2013
Climate Change and African Migration (English) E-policybrief 7 2013
Le changement climatique et la migration africaine (French) E-policybrief 7 2013
Diaspora Entrepeneurship Development (English) E-policybrief 6 2013
Entrepeuriat et Développement de la Diaspora (French) E-policybrief 6 2013
The importance of strenghtening migrant capacities (English) E-policybrief 5 2013
Límportance de renforcement de capacités des migrants (French) E-policybrief 5 2013
The importance of Youth Education of African Migrants (English) E-policybrief 4 2013
L’importance de l’Education des jeunes migrants (French) E-policybrief 4 2013
Diaspora’s Development and Governance in the Global South External Publication 2013
Diaspora Organizations as Strategic Agents of Development Research Paper 2013
E-newsletter 4 June 2013 (English) Newsletter 2013
E-newsletter 4 June 2013 (French) Newsletter 2013
E-newsletter 3 April2013 (English) Newsletter 2013
E-newsletter 3 Avril 2013 (French) Newsletter 2013
Annual Report Annual Report 2013
Good Practices (English) E-policybrief 3 2013
Bonnes Pratiques (French) E-policybrief 3 2013
Socio-professional Reintegration of Cape Verdeans from the Netherlands Report 2013
Diasporas as Mediating Actors in Development Research Brief 2013
Diaspora and Migrant Entrepreneurs as Social and Economic Investors in Homeland Report 2013
Capacity Building Programme Report 2012
The Global Approach to Migration Mobility (English) E-policybrief 2 2012
Approche Globale Migration Mobilité (French) E-policybrief 2 2012
Newsletter 01 2012 Newsletter 2012
Newsletter 02 2012 Newsletter 2012
EU Migration and Development Policy (English) E-policybrief 1 2012
Politique de L’UN dans le domaine de la migration et du Developpement (French) E-policybrief 2 2012
E-newsletter March 2012 (English) Newsletter 2012
E-newsletter Mars 2012 (French) Newsletter 2012
E-Newsletter Janvier 2012 (French) Newsletter 2012
Building Bridges- Diaspora for Business and Development Conference Report 2012
Annual Report Annual Report 2012
E-Newsletter January 2012 (English) Newsletter 2012
First African Diaspora Expert Meeting Report Eschborn (French) Expert Meeting Report 2012
Background Paper on Strenghtening & policy making capacities of emerging African Diaspora Ministries in Migration Development Background Paper 2012
Newsletter 02 2011 Newsletter 2011
Capacity Building Training April 2011 Workshop Report 2011
Africaday Article 2011
Annual Report Annual Report 2011
Migration and development. Training programme for capacity building 2011 Training Brochure 2011
Mainstreaming Diaspora initiatives into Development Cooperation Policy Towards Africa. Evidence from Britain/France/Germany and the Netherlands Research Report 2011
Strategies for mobilising the Diaspora for homeland development Research Report 2011
Summary Report from Evidence to action Facilitating south-south labour migration to development Summary Conference Report 2011
GFMD event Switzerland Article 2011
Harnessing Diaspora Reources for Africa External Publication 2011
Newsletter 02 2010 Newsletter 2010
Annual Report Annual Report 2010
In Nederland zie ik mijn toegevoegde waarde niet in mijn land van herkomst wel Article 2010
Diaspora as partners in conflict resolution and peacebuilding Policy Paper 2010
Key criteria of good practice for constructive diaspora engagement in peacebuilding Discussion Paper 2010
Building institutional cooperation between the Diaspora and Homeland governments in Africa. The cases of Ghana/Nigeria/Germany/USA and the UK Policy brief 2010
Capacity building for newly formed Diaspora Ministries Accra November 2010 Workshop Report 2010
Background document for GFMD workshop in Mexico Background Paper 2010
Metropolis Conference Report Report 2010

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