Evidence based research: Advocacy and Lobbying

ADPC is looking for an individual with advocacy and lobbying experience among small NGOs/diaspora organisations to document existing best practices in policy and practical interventions in terms of advocacy and lobbying good practices among NGOs/diaspora organisations. The documentation process is intended to capture context specificities; what worked, why it worked well and the context, as well as key lessons learned for replication where possible.

See the full terms of reference for further information.

Applications should be receive by COP 29 May 2015 as per the terms of reference.


Upcoming: Peacebuilding Training Workshop

ADPC, in partnership with The Hague Academy for Local Governance, is pleased to announce the second Diaspora Academy Peacebuilding training workshop that will take place 21-25 September 2015, in The Hague, The Netherlands.

The target beneficiaries of the training are primarily African diaspora organizations, organized professional associations, groups and individuals in Europe active or interested in areas of peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction in their countries of origin. Preference will be particularly given to those diaspora peace activists originating from the seven countries located in the Great Lakes and the Horn of Africa regions.

To be considered for the training please share your CV and letter of motivation by making contact with: Ciaran Hickey at c.hickey@diaspora-centre.org

For more information please see the announcement.


Advocacy and Lobbying Training Workshop

DAP Lobbying and Advocacy Training
The participants from the African diaspora: Ghana, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia.

ADPC, in partnership with The Hague Academy for Local Governance, is pleased to announce the completion of their Advocacy and Lobbying workshop that took place 13-17 April 2015, in The Hague, The Netherlands.

The session consisted of a group of enthusiastic, dynamic and knowledgeable participants who positively engaged one another throughout the week. Each participant’s individual contributions were invaluable in making the training the success that it was. Thank you everyone!

For more information on the training please see the Announcement and Background documents.




Diaspora-oriented Peacebuilding Training

DAP Peacebuilding Training
The participants from the African diaspora: Burundi, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Somalia.

The first diaspora-oriented peace building training of the Diaspora Academy  (DA) was held at The Hague Academy for Local Governance 1st-5th of December, 2014. The training was offered to 10 African diaspora peace activists representing leading diaspora organisations from Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Please click on the following link to view ”The first diaspora-oriented peace building training” of the Diaspora Academy  (DA) Final Peace building Training Report.



The Diaspora Academy Programme (2014-2017)

The African Diaspora Policy Centre (ADPC) is very pleased with the support from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cordaid and Gemeente Den Haag to launch a Diaspora Academy Programme (DA).  ADPC is the lead organisation of a consortium composed of the following partners: The Network University (TNU), The Hague Academy of Local Governance (THA) and Cordaid. The Diaspora Academy is a multi-year programme lasting from May 2014 to April 2017.

Please click on the following to view the Diaspora Academy

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