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Our Approach

ADPC works to increase the awareness of the added value of diaspora to job creation, growth and poverty reduction in their countries of origin. We want to contribute to a conducive policy environment through building the capacities of diaspora actors on lobbying and advocacy & networking. Furthermore, ADPC will actively support diaspora entrepreneurs by organizing match-making events and by (market) research.

ADPC’s work focuses on four main interlinked areas

Mobilising African Diaspora in Europe for the development of Africa • Influencing and advising migration and development policy makers in the host countries • Strengthening the knowledge, network and policymaking capacity of African governments in the field of migration and development • Fostering viable partnerships between African diaspora organisations in Europe and civil society institutions in Africa.


To raise awareness of the added value of diaspora as business entrepreneurs to contribute to the economic development of their home country.

Who? Diaspora entrepreneurs, diaspora organisations working on business development, EU, African governments.

Why? To stimulate diaspora actors to engage in business activities.

Migrants are increasingly regarded as promoters of development in their countries of origin. The migration-development debate has rapidly evolved into an issue that cuts across the fields of research, policy and practice. Often, migrants show strong commitment towards their countries of origin which translates into substantial transfers of financial, as well as social, cultural and human capital. By focussing on the Diaspora ADPC hopes to contribute to a more effective and efficient use of these capitals in fostering development.

How? Through research & publications, workshops etc.

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