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We conduct evidence-based, policy-related research based on diaspora perspectives, mindsets, experiences and expertise. We do so by stimulating informed policy dialogue and constructive debates between the Diaspora and other stakeholders in the field of diaspora and development. The knowledge and information we generate is primarily targeted at three groups: diaspora organizations in Europe, development practitioners and policymakers dealing with diaspora related issues, both in Africa and in Europe.  We also promote research collaboration between diaspora  and homeland researchers in Africa and their affiliated institutions in the production of knowledge in this emerging research and policy field.

Capacity Building

We offer high-quality capacity building training to the emerging Diaspora ministries and other institutions in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries that are  tasked with overseeing diaspora and development related matters. The main purpose of the training workshop is to strengthen the policy making capacity of the diaspora-oriented policymakers, by providing them with the essential knowledge, skills and tools to develop feasible policies aimed at maximizing the contribution of the diaspora to the development of their respective home countries. The training is developed to assist ACP countries to acquire the technical capability to design a national migration policy which can be translated into feasible strategic interventions and realisable actions.

Capacity Building for Policymakers Serving in the Newly-formed Diaspora Ministries in Africa - click here

The ADPC Capacity Building Programme is available both in French and English - click here

Network Building

We facilitate network building and linkages in and among Diaspora organizations and other stakeholders active in the field of migration and development both in the host and home countries. We do this by organizing expert meetings, conferences  and workshops in which diaspora development practitioners make to contact, establish viable networks, learn from each other’s development- related activities, exchange valuable information, and share best practices and positive experiences in the field of diaspora and development. We also actively lobby for the access and incorporation of diaspora development practitioners in the networks of established development cooperation circles, both in  host and home countries.

Lobby and Advocacy

We undertake policy-influencing activities such as press releases, press conferences, newsletter articles, columns and media campaigns devoted to empowering African diaspora as change agents for the development of Africa. We also advocate and contribute to policy and practical changes conducive to their effective participation in the overall development of Africa. Furthermore, we provide advocacy and lobbying training to diaspora organizations which increases the capacity, influence and  power of Diaspora so that they position themselves as indispensable change agents for the development  in their countries of origin.

Strengthen Cooperation between Diaspora organizations in Europe and Civil Society Institutions in Africa

We foster the development of viable partnerships between African diaspora organizations in Europe and civil society institutions in Africa. We do this by organizing expert meetings and workshops in which they discuss the modalities of building  strategic alliances and close cooperation across the continents. This is particularly the case in the areas of lobbying, campaigning and advocacy regarding the well-being and the protection of rights of the migrants in Africa. We also provide them with a platform in which they can  share information, experiences and expertise.

Outreach Activities

We disseminate information through our integrated communication tools such as website, a thrice yearly published newsletter and policy briefs. These tools enable the diaspora organisations to share information related to policy trends, innovative programmes, upcoming events, key policy reports and publications, and the latest issues related to the field of migration and development. We have developed these communication tools with the goal of making ADPC an information clearing house and an important source of information that is consulted by various stakeholders active in the field of migration and development both in Europe and Africa.

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