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Tailor-Made-Training (TMT)

The African Diaspora Policy Centre (ADPC) is pleased to announce support from Nuffic for the provision of Tailor-Made- Training (TMT) to Ethiopian government officials. The TMT will target officials serving in the numerous Diaspora Coordinating Offices (DCOs) in different regions of the country. For more information click here.

Diaspora Academy Programme (DAP) 2014-2017

The DAP programme aims to upgrade the professional skills and development competences of Diaspora organizations in Europe who are active in the field of migration and development. DAP is the first of its kind in Europe, initiated to facilitate diaspora development practitioners and organizations gaining access to specific knowledge, viable contacts, and networks that help to further boost contributions to the overall development of the Diaspora members' countries of origin.

If you want more information about the DAP project, make sure to visit our site regularly as more information will be posted during the next weeks.

Please click on the following to view the Diaspora Academy's press release, Diaspora Academy press release

Effective Cross-Sector Partnerships for Business and Development in Complex and High-Risk Environments

Do you operate in complex and high-risk markets such as countries affected by conflict and fragility? Or are you planning to engage? To meet the complexity of these environments, collaboration between actors from the private sector, civil society and government can be a significant step forward. By building on practical experience from both the business and development community, this workshop seeks to deepen understanding of how cross-sector partnerships can render both business and development engagement in complex environments more effective. Participate in this workshop to find out how partnerships can be built to work! Visit africaworks.nl for more information.

Roundtable "concrete results obtained through projects and development financed under AENEAS and the Thematic Programme for Migration and Asylum"

See Tentative Agenda Oct 27, 2014
The roundtable aims to present the findings and the operational recommendations of the study to the key stakeholders concerned with Migration and Development within the framework of external assistance. The purpose is to outline the strengths and weaknesses of the actions supported so far, to identify areas for improvement and to guide the relevant decision-makers to better design future actions.

Migrants Petition On Ebola

See Petition