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Migration Governance at the National Level: The Case of Senegal

This is the fifth policy brief of the Knowledge Platform for Migration Governance in Africa1
produced by the African Diaspora Policy Centre. The platform is devoted to strengthening
the interface between research, policy, and practice in the area of migration governance at
continental, regional, national, and local levels. The motto of the platform is: organizing a
knowledge network for better migration governance in Africa. It contributes to the migration
and mobility dialogue from the perspective of Africa. Additionally, it is committed to
contributing to a better migration governance system that works to the benefit of all. The
platform organized its fifth webinar in November to reflect on migration governance
architecture at the national level. Senegal was used as a case study in this regard. The
webinars provide an opportunity for the platform’s network to convene virtually, since they
cannot meet face-to-face as long as the Covid-19 pandemic rages across countries.

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