Title Type Year
Advocacy & Lobby April 2016 Workshop Report 2016
Capacity Building Training for Diaspora-oriented Somali Officials Report Workshop Report 2016
Consultation Meeting Report Workshop Report 2016
Advocacy & Lobby October 2015 Workshop Report 2016
Peacebuilding Training September 2015 Workshop Report 2016
“Glocal” Partnerships for Agribusiness Development September 2015 Workshop Report 2015
Advocacy and Lobby Training April 2015 Workshop Report 2015
Capacity Building Training Nov 2014 Workshop Report 2014
E-Learning Programme on Migration and Development participant profile Report 2014
Final Report of Africa-EU Lunch Time Seminar Report 2014
Diaspora-oriented Peacebuilding Training Report 2014
The Good Practice Note Report 2014
Migration Entrepreneurship and Development Report 2014
Capacity Building Training Oct 2013 (English) Workshop Report 2013
Capacity building training Oct 2013 (French) Workshop Report 2013
Linking Local Actors in Migration and Development Research Report 2013
Socio-professional Reintegration of Cape Verdeans from the Netherlands Report 2013
Diaspora and Migrant Entrepreneurs as Social and Economic Investors in Homeland Report 2013
Capacity Building Programme Report 2012
Building Bridges- Diaspora for Business and Development Conference Report 2012
First African Diaspora Expert Meeting Report Eschborn (French) Expert Meeting Report 2012
Capacity Building Training April 2011 Workshop Report 2011
Mainstreaming Diaspora Initiatives into Development Cooperation Policy Towards Africa. Research Report 2011
Strategies for mobilising the Diaspora for homeland development Research Report 2011
Capacity Building for Newly Formed Diaspora Ministries Accra November 2010 Workshop Report 2010
Metropolis Conference Report Report 2010

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