Strengthening Peace Initiatives of Migrants in The Hague


Research has shown that migrants are uniquely able to build peace in their countries of origin. Migrant peace activists possess much soft power, such as powers of persuasion, innovative new ideas, and a broader transnational worldview compared to locals involved in the conflict. Migrants can use their personal and institutional contacts in the country of origin to promote local peace negotiations, contacts which international organisations often lack.

However, the value of diaspora organisations in promoting peace still does not receive much attention from peace organisations. As a consequence, the various assets that migrants can bring to a peace process are not utilised to the extent that they could be. This is most likely caused by the informal nature of migrants’ activities and the relative weakness of their social, economic and political position in Western society.


The main goal of the project is to strengthen migrant organisations in The Hague in building peace in the countries of origin.

An additional aim is to improve the network of the migrant organisations. They will have the opportunity to meet each other, large non-governmental organisations (NGOs), diplomats and academics at a seminar during which the results of the project will be presented.

Finally, the publicity that will potentially be generated by the publication and the seminar will increase the visibility of the organisations in The Hague and surroundings and can thereby help create a larger support base for their work.

Main activities
  • Mapping and publication of peace initiatives of migrants in The Hague
  • Organising a seminar to present the finding of this project and to showcase migrant and diaspora organisations working in the field of peacebuilding
  • Production of media output including a news article and short video



Municipality of The Hague


Concept Note Strengthening Peace Initiatives of Migrants in The Hague

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Peacebuilding Networks in the Hague